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To get more information, I did some research online. I went to find which kinds were the most popular at Amazon, and the top rated are listed here, with my comments.

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What are the Best Skin Condoms

Crown Skinless Skin Condoms - Pack Size - Case of 1,000
Crown Condoms

Also known as the Skin Less Skin Condom and for good reason. Crown Skinless skin condoms are made using the best technology to create a condom that is made Thinner, without compromising strength.

  • “They almost feel like you’re wearing nothing at all.” – Fishmonger
  • “I’ve never never had one break on me yet!” – Hostilefreak
  • “Overall I’d give these 4.5/5, once again not for too small but not huge, average to a little bigger is perfect for these condoms.” – Gothic Pussycat

Naturalamb Natural Skin Condoms, Lubricated, 10 condoms

No latex allergens. The No. 1 natural skin condom for a more sensual feeling.

  • “It almost feels like there is nothing there.” – Zein Naja
  • “Skins are much better than even the best latex condoms.” – Joshua M. Levine
  • “I will be buying alot more of these in the near future and I highly recommend them.” – Borat’s Bad Brother

Trojan Sensitivity Bareskin Lubricated, Latex Condoms, 10-count

New! Trojan® BareSkin™.

  • “Feels like nothings there!” – I. Gray
  • “And they’re a little too tight.” – Nope
  • “I have never had an issue with condoms breaking before using these.” – Haylee

OKAMOTO Crown 100-Count Pack

Okamoto Crown condom AKA the Skin Less Skin Condom and for a good reason. Crown condoms are made using the best technology to create a condom that is made thinner, without compromising strength.

  • “Service was great.” – Mikey
  • “Doubting the typical “feels like there’s nothing there” slogan, I thought these condoms were nothing special.” – Dustin
  • “Best condom I have ever used!” – Hostilefreak

OKAMOTO Crown 60-Count Pack

Okamoto is one of the leading condom manufacturers in the world. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing process enables them to make a thinner, stronger and silky-soft condom for a sensuous, more natural experience.

  • “Almost feels like I have nothing on!” – H. Le
  • “They fit well for me (above average length/girth).” – R. K.
  • “No breakages even after extended use.” – argo1

100 Beyond Seven Sheerlon Natural Rubber Latex Condoms, Extra Thin and Sensitive, Lightly Lubricated

Beyond Seven, the closest thing to wearing nothing at all! Beyond Seven condoms are made of Sheerlon?, an advanced material so strong and durable, it can be made much thinner than an ordinary latex rubber condom.

  • “She said these are one of the best ones yet being that she can "feel" the roughneck if you know what i mean.” – King David
  • “I would recommend it to anybody, I use it and nothing else.” – A. Zimmerman
  • “The fit was perfect.” – Roberto E

Trojan Condom Sensitivity Bare Skin Lubricated 10Pc

Trojan BareSkin is Trojan’s thinnest latex condom ever, about 40% thinner than standard Trojan latex condoms. Trojan BareSkin takes ‘thin condoms’ to a totally different level Experience more sensitivity and more pleasure with Trojan BareSkin condoms.

  • “Very thin, works well, hardly notice them, didn’t break or tear.” – Randy81
  • “They feel better than the other ones in the trojan line up.” – nydunes
  • “I think these are the best condoms I’ve ever used.” – Jose

Naturalamb Condom Lubricated, 10 Count

Trojan Naturalamb Luxury Condoms are ideal for the monogomous couple who desire heightened sensitivity with trusted pregnancy protection.

  • “Feels like I’m wearing nothing at all.” – LAUREN LEVERETT
  • “This is the perfect condom for those who are allergic to latex.” – Ru
  • “Not often you get a WOW from a guy using a condom!” – Lisa

Trojan Naturalamb (3 Lubricated Natural Skin Condoms)

Trojan Naturalamb (3 Lubricated Natural Skin Condoms). These condoms are ideal for the monogamous couple who desire heightened sensitivity with trusted pregnancy protection.

  • “Feels like nothing at all!” – VivaSinatra
  • “Buying any other condom is like buying a Ferrari sports car without an engine.” – The J Man
  • “They are however worth every penny!” – Jennifer =)

Trojan Bareskin Bare Skin Sensitivity Condoms - 1 Pack of 10 Condoms

America’s #1 Condom Trusted for Over 90 Years
Trojan® Sensitivity
Our Thinnest Latex Condom Ever!
40% Thinner!*
Premium Lubricant
Our Thinnest Latex Condom Ever!
40% Thinner than our Standard Condoms
Premium Quality Latex – To help reduce the risk
Silky Smooth Lubricant – For comfort and sensitivity
Low Latex Odor
Each Condom is Electronically Tested and Meets U.

  • “When we were using the Bareskin condom it felt like he had nothing on, it was 100x better!” – MicaelaPR
  • “These are by far the best condoms I’ve used.” – Better than I deserve
  • “For a man who is average-sized, these would be the perfect condom, but if he’s a large man, then these just aren’t good enough.” – PVTRoberts

Suggestions of the Best skin condoms

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